Executive Education

Vista Technology Academy was envisioned in 1985. Since then Vista evolved with Empirical Technology Solutions, Executive Education and SASA (Superior Aeronautics & Space Administration) over the past 3 decades and became a leading Technology Boutique in 2013.  Vista’s solutions change the way business is done and how life evolves because we believe advancement in life and business should be proportional to available Technology.  Since 1983 we have crafted strategies beyond expectations, making all Technology innovation tangible, ventures viable, financial return certain, neutralizing risk and project management timely.  Now our leading norm is high, superior, mega and hyper Technology and making upmarket Technology evolve in every sector.

Recognizing what is done and what can be done, makes for a significant difference  in business which leads to saving time and resources and channelling that time and resources to yield higher returns.  Solutions that change the total perception of the market on your products/services, are what we develop in tandem with the futuristic  and ultimate Technology paradigm.  Not just forecasting for 5 years (one block) but normally the next 15 years (one stream) and beyond (depending on our clients’ request/business expectations beyond one stream) and justifying our solutions by strategizing the future.  Vista’s Executive Education is no ordinary program for anyone.  Anyone who is chosen to participate in Vista’s Executive Education will not only feel a total change in his/her perception of life and business but will become totally aware of many unknowns which is beyond the reach of any ordinary mind to conceive or perceive.  SASA (Superior Aeronautics & Space Administration) looks inward as well as outward beyond this world (Earth), SASA addresses all natural disasters as well as manmade disasters by looking beyond all available Technology in our aim to suppress these disasters.

As far as we know money (paper recognized with face value) is only a medium of exchange (all these financial crises are nothing but due to violation of the prime principle of this medium of exchange).  Anyone can handle and manipulate this medium of exchange (money).  Technology is not like money (medium of exchange), Technology is the result of pure manipulation of physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics, in other words Technology is the result of pure manipulation of physical science.  No identical money manipulation can yield a new Technology.  Technology is not limited to making money but money is limited to available Technology (products & services).  Money does not control Technology but Technology controls money, this is the empirical fact of life and business.